PSI Engineering | Fluid Handling & Filtration Systems
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PSI Engineering is a solution driven company. Our goal is to solve our customer’s fluid handling problems and to provide the products and expertise they need and expect. For the past 45 years, PSI Engineering has been serving the industrial pump needs of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and the Dakotas. Starting out in 1974 as Pump & Supply Inc out of the Twin Cities and becoming PSI Engineering in 2004 when Furey Filter & Pumps Inc acquired Pump & Supply Inc and became PSI Engineering’s parent company.


PSI Engineering is an industrial equipment distributor for pumps, filters, mechanical seals and valves to our customers. Our industry knowledge, product offering, service and repair capabilities, along with our skid manufacturing allows us to tackle any job big or small. PSI Engineering offers a full range of services to meet any repair of your fluid handling equipment. PSI represents over 30 lines of pumps, filters, seals, valves, and supporting accessories. We have factory trained and certified service technicians offering the expertise needed to service what we sell, as well as any other pumping system. We can do it on-site or in our state-of-the-art service center.


Between PSI Engineering and Furey Filter & Pump there is no problem too big for us to solve!


Oil & Gas

Offering centrifugal pumps, high pressure piston pumps, pulsation dampeners, progressive cavity pumps, non OEM rotors and stator replacements, Flowserve and CARVER API centrifugal pumps, ROPER gear pumps, chemical injection pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps, bearing isolators, mag drive pumps, motor driven diaphragm pumps, bag filters and filter housings.


Offering general purpose centrifugal pumps, ARO air operated diaphragm pumps, frame mounted ANSI pumps, mechanical seals, project pump sizing and selection.

Brewery & Distillers

PSI Engineering is a Master AMPCO distributor for the ROLEC Dry hop DH90 DH250 and the DH45, offering demo's to breweries of any size. Other products include replacement mechanical seals, XERIC dry running spent grain pump, ARO air operated sanitary diaphragm pump, replacement seals for centrifuges, pump carts, glycol pumps, filters, Ciprani Harrision valves, AMPCO's CB+ pump for craft brewers, motors and VFD’s

Ethanol & Bio-Diesel

Offering Flowserve ANSI pumps, Flowserve mechanical seals repair and replacements, Milton Roy chemical metering pumps, boiler feed pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps,ARO AODD pumps, self-priming ANSI pumps. Hyrda Cell P series metering pumps.


Offering centrifugal pumps, Hilco/Hillard turbine filters, vent mist eliminators, Fuel Gas filters, Seal Gas filers, chemical injection pumps, INPRO air mizer seals, gear pumps, high pressure diaphragm pumps, steam turbine seals, condensate pumps, boiler feed pumps, split case pumps, vertical turbine pumps, automatic recirculation control valves.

Pulp & Paper

Offering centrifugal pumps, mechanical seals, progressive cavity pumps, vacuum pumps, mag drive pumps, Milton Roy Chemical metering pumps. Griffco metering pump accessories, submersible pumps, Roper XERIC pump.

Food, Beverage, & Pharmaceutical

Offering AMPCO's ZP positive displacement pumps, ZP and Waukesha UP rebuilds, Tacmina pumps for low shear applications, AMPCO AC+ series of centrifugal pumps, AMPCO mixers and blending system, Ciprani Harrision sanitary valves. AODD sanitary pumps, agitator seals.

Sugar Mill

Offering centrifugal pumps, Flowserve mechanical seals, bearing isolators, chemical injection pumps, slurry pumps, gear pumps, boiler feed pumps, progressive cavity pumps, SIHI ring section pumps, split case pumps.

Water & Waste Water

PSI Engineering is pleased to provide fluid handling equipment, engineering assistance, and technical services for engineering consultants, end-users, contractors, and water/wastewater OEMs. Our capabilities include providing pump specifications and technical data, repair services, new pumps, blowers, filters, and engineered skid systems, and reliability improvement plans.


Offering centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps, slurry pumps, boiler feed pumps, submersible pumps, Crane pump brands Weniman, Burks, Deming, Barnes and Crown, mechanical seals, Norriseal valves, pump packing

General Industries

Offering general purpose centrifugal pumps, mag drive pumps, hot oil pumps, vacuum pumps, filters and filter housings, submersible pumps, INPRO seals for gear boxers and mixers, pump packing, Blacoh Pulsation dampeners, INPRO shaft grounding rings for motors , air Compressor seals. United Blower PD blowers.


Offering Milton Roy side entry mixes, chemical metering pumps, mechanicals seals, gear pumps, Flowserve centrifugal pumps